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1. Calendar View of all bookings sorted by days. I need a calendar for ADMIN where admin can see all bookings. for the meantime its in a list view. Me as a admin should be able to see all bookings on a calendar. 2. Check list for checkin checkout. Mark as completed. As we will be using this theme as a agency, we do certain tasks before a new guest comes. So i need a checklist where i can check whats been completed. As an example - between checkin and checkout we should be able to go to the apartment and mark tasks as done, like 1. Cleaned 2. Trash 3. Towels 4. etc... 3. Wallet and payout viewable from admin with option to mark as completed. For the meantime, every user (host) has a wallet and can request a payout. I want a list in ADMIN where we can see each users wallet balance and mark as paid.

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