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Swift developer - Write Script to pull files from folder.

$15-25 in hour

I'm looking for a Swift developer to help me out with a custom solution for my business. I have a huge list of graphics all within one folder. I would like help writing a script that works in this way. 1. Open script. 2. Type sequence of numbers that correlate with files to pull from folders. 3. Type Folder name for where pulled files will live. 4. Execute script. The reason that the files need to be typed in some fashion is because each time I need files in those folders it's a different grouping of files- which is why the folder name will be unique each time as well. We're aggregating files for a specific customer. Below is an example of what it looks like. For the below example I would want to simply be able to write: 6823 6837 6844 Sometimes the styles are 2 digit but the files all end with " -" so I would imagine it would be programmed around that. If you can solve this for me please let me know.

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