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Book Cover - Manifesting (Guidance from Star Being/Alien) - Surrealism

Book Cover Design -

Seeking spiritual (indigo, starseed) illustrator, who is seeking to go deeper in their healing/uncovering of their true self and full power, to design the book cover for my book about manifesting your dream job and new home with the guidance from a star being (alien)

Are you looking to grow with a spiritual company?

Are you a professional graphic designer or illustrator?

Do you know how to work with photo shop? And do a layout that is "print" ready?

Do you do unique illustrations, surrealism or something considered weird or different?

Are you interested in clearing your programming/brainwashing and/or healing your "emotional baggage" and childhood wounds?

This position may be a match for you.


Please forward your portfolio and confirm that that you are a match with the things I share in this post.

I only work with people who believe covid is a hoax, who do not wear a mask, and are actively not complying with the new world order.

There is no need for you to draw an alien for this cover. I have him already drawn if we use him on the cover again, which I don't think we will be.

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