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Wix Specialist: Developer needed for advanced updates to existing Wix website

$1-5 in hour

We are an online education provder seeking a Wix developer who can assist with Wix updates for mobile and desktop including landing pages, Wix Store, Wix Velo Also to assist in training one of our staff members in how to do basic updates to the text of our website. If we work well together then you could become our ongoing Wix expert. Here is a video which explains each point listed below: AND HERE IS THE DESCRIPTION OF THINGS WE NEED UPDATED: Record Training video - with our staff member on Zoom regarding updating all functions on the website Update Our course Information throughout the website - course options - prices - timetable - booking system including trial class booking - multi-currency conversion booking Sales Emails Update - Update all sales emails (contact us and we will provide you with the updated sales templates) SMS update - there is an automated SMS that all leads received automatically when they contact us throughout the website. In that sms The word “course” has been incorrectly spelt “coure”. Correct that spelling error Messenger button in footer - ensure it is directing people to the English Key Messenger Facebook button in footer - ensure it is directing people to the English Key Facebook page Whatsapp button add to website Canada prices & times - the website is an Australian website with prices in Australian dollars and timetable of our classes based on Australian Timezone - I believe prices and class-times were set up previously so that if someone is viewing the website from a Canadian website then prices and times will appear in Canadian dollars and times. - Check and ensure they are appearing correctly UK prices & times - Same as “Candada prices & times” but for the UK Landing page for IELTS - Australia - Make a landing page based on a template for promoting online courses and then our staff can update the text. This will be used as the landing page for our Google Ads. Landing Page for IELTS - Canada - Same as above Landing Page for IELTS - UK - Same as above

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