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Machine learning engineer to train the model

$10-30 in hour

- What are you doing? What is your product?

Immersive Fox creates AI-generated microlearning videos from any text for LMS and corporate communication. This way, we are helping our clients to create videos in minutes instead of weeks. No need for film crews, studios, actors, or cameras.

- What do you have now? What is your maturity stage?

We generate an AI avatar of a person from a 10 minutes training video and, after that, allow customers to create unlimited video content using audio or a script. We already have an MVP, but we need to scale it up and increase generated video quality. We are an early-stage startup.

- What do you need from me (as an engineer)? What will be my tasks?

Our team is looking for a software engineer with a specialization in neural networks for training an audio-driven facial reenactment model.
We have a working high resolution prototype, but we are looking for a specialist who will increase its' quality (e.g. by changing the expressions space or replacing UV maps generator). Next, your task will be to develop our text to speech generator.
You will be one of the first employees in our startup and will be working in collaboration with the best people in this sphere: our co-founders have Google and Facebook software engineering background.

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