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Funnel Tweaking

Hi Adam,
I'm a financial advisor in NJ.  I've just built my a few funnels with click funnels.  I have a landing page and a "Saving on Taxes" video that runs from the landing page once we get an email address from the prospect.  I also have a follow up email sequence that runs after someone watches the video.  I'm advertising on FaceBook and my target audience is Execs and upper management in Corporate America. I used FB Audience Insights to filter who sees my ad.  My company does financial and retirement planning and investing for this demographic.  

I think I'm on the right path but I'm not getting the number of "clicks" I'd like to see.  I haven't landed one client yet.  Please know that this funnel is only about 2 weeks old.  Is this something that you can help me with?

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