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Google and Facebook Ads specialist

$5-10 in hour

About us:
We are a startup that is working on making it easier for parents to find & sign up for fun and enriching activities & programs for kids.  We're looking for a Digital Ads specialist to augment our Marketing team.  The ideal candidate will have the following qualifications:

- Deep understanding Google Adwords, Adwords Certified
- PPC Account setup and management experience
- Experience with Google Search and Google Display Network Marketing & Remarketing
- Google In-Market Audiences, Automated rules, Labels, Google Tag Manager
- Google Analytics,  Must be Google Analytics Certified
- A/B Testing
- Yahoo and Bing Experience is a plus
- Developing, executing Facebook and Instagram Ad campaigns for successful ROAS

- Must be fluent in English
- Must have experience working on teams
- Must be super organized, and good with spreadsheets

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