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Web scraping shop items


Project WS003 BLA BUDGET is AUD$20 for this job. Please read carefully - I require one sample of a variation before awarding the project. I require someone to scrape product details into a CSV sheet, a sample sheet showing headers is attached, image with item definition also attached. The URL is Preferable use Py/bs4 CSS /xpath. Deliverables are ; CSV sheet with all shop items The site contains simple products & !variations! Variations are parent and child items > look at this Each item must have it's own SKU may have a different price and a reference to the parent if unsure please ask Zoom meeting to discuss selectors (English) 15min data items are; (External URL) Type - simple, variable[parent], variation[child] SKU Name Brand Description including table Weight Length Width Height Regular price Categories Tags if applicable Images all images in max resolution available. Parent reference Attribute 1 name Attribute 1 value(s) Attribute 1 visible Attribute 1 global Attribute 2 name Attribute 2 value(s) Attribute 2 visible Attribute 2 global Attribute 3 name Attribute 3 value(s) Attribute 3 visible Attribute 3 global

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