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Radiology scans and test for nanobots medical imaging

$20-35 in hour

Dear Expert in radiology 25th/02/2021
I am looking for an Expert in radiology, an Expert Witness that can answer about 20 questions about scans.

I am willing to pay for this report, about 20 questions to be answered by expert in radiology,
Please advice how much it will cost for this report, about 20 questions to be answer in details.

Objective: We need an Expert in radiology to solve this case,
We need to locate these 50 nanobots on a radiologist test or any other recommend test and remove nanobots from victim’s organ area to reduce the pain, by surgery done by a surgeon

Please if you can answer theses 20 questions in this report attached with this cover letter
Please advice how much it will cost for this report, about 20 questions to be answer in detail by an expert in radiology..

Kind regards
Chris paisa
[email protected]

BACKGROUND: About Four  to six expert Nanobots users (suspects) put about 50 nanobots, about 1cm, 2cm and 4cm in sizes, inside someone (victim) in there organ area of their body, fleshy part around organs and around the brain,
They put nanobots around the brain area, under the skull, around the brain, around audio area and around eyes area inside the brain, the victim said that they could feel the nanobots been put around the brain area and since then 2015 they could hear audio from the four suspects and see images they play on suspects computer that controls the nanobots connected to the brain, victim has no recollection of when the 50 nanobots where put in side him, but can feel them been set up around the brain in early 2015 and other nanobots been moving around his organ areas. 2016 he said they tried to kill him with the 50 nanobots example cutting the heart organ from behind, but now the nanobots are currently not moving as the battery has gone dead and nanobots around the brain don’t play any audio any more, as the Radio or WI-FI  nanobots are switched off or out of batteries, the distance of the radio or WI-FI  nanobots where controlled from a remote location by suspects, radio or WI-FI or both where controlled up to interstate Victoria Melbourne to NSW Sydney, for 3 months, batteries lasted up to 5 years from early 2015 to late 2020, Nanobots  were used on victim everyday
We believe these suspect where funded from an organisation to do this to a Supreme Court, Plaintiff (victim) and made (nanobots) by a expert nanorobotics engineering and design manufacture, we need your insight to prove this.
please see attachment of report and question to be answered, thanks

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