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Covid 19 Quiz for Everbridge

$13-30 in hour

hi i want a script designed to allow a user to complete a quiz related to covid 19 in a webpage. Following the completion ofthe quiz, the script will determine if the user passed or failed based on the percentage of questions they got correct. The quiz will have 5 questions. If the user gets at least 3 out of the 5 correct, the script will change the quiz field under the contact record in everbridge from failed to passed.

If the user failed the quiz, the script is not required to change the status in everbridge. The primary in everbridge for each employee is captured under the field called External Id. The script will capture the user's first name and last name and more importantly their employee id.

The script will use this id to identify the contact in the everbridge system.

I have attached the everbridge api information.

The Everbridge system has a REST Api and this is what the script will use to communicate with the Everbridge system.

The Everbridge api uses a username and password to access the system and I possess the username and password to achieve this.

QUIZ : You can use any five questions from this url:

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