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C# Scraper for Airbnb

We need a scraper for built as a Windows Console Application with C# code (.NET Framework 4.5) which saves data in a MySQL database.

The scraper should access the website and search for a location and dates provided as parameters. Then it needs to extract all properties returned by the search. There may be more than one result page, so we need data from all results pages.

For each property we need the following:
- name
- address
- description
- sleeping arrangements - there may be more than 1 room type, we need all of them
- price per night for each room type
- amenities list
- average rating
- number of reviews (not actual reviews, just the number of reviews)
- data from occupancy calendar - the days when the property is booked

In case there are multiple room types, we need to extract all of them with the price and occupancy for each room.

All data must be saved in a MySQL database with the structure (tables) provided by us.

The scraper should perform requests in a way that will not get blocked by the website.

This is the first scraping project from a long list of scraping projects that we need to implement.

So please reply with a description about how you plan to implement the scraper and how will you make the requests in order to not get blocked (rate-limited) by the website.

More details will be provided to selected bidders.

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