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Help me auto refresh my BBpress topics page


I currently am using BBpress and I have a topics page (inside a forum) where users comment on specific things in real-time. However, it has come to my attention that the comments do not come through automatically and the page needs to be refreshed before loading in new comments. I have reached out to BBpress the person who replied said it’s not a feature to auto-refresh and when I asked if there’s any code that can help, he said it was out of his technical skill. This brings me to post here, has anyone got an idea of how to do this? So that when posts are made on the topics page, they are automatically shown to other users in real-time without having to refresh the page to load in the new posts. For example, say user A posts a comment within a topic. User B who is viewing this topic sees the comment come through on their device automatically rather than them having to refresh the page. Furthermore, the code/ plugin (whatever would sort this out) would need to NOT reload the whole page but only fetch the posts. So the user can’t tell the website it reloading. I am not sure if this is possible but I hope it is! I need to keep it on BBpress as I have a specific plugin for BBpress which helps my website work. I have been told that in order to refresh a specific section I will need customization using jquery and ajax. If you can do this, please drop me a price. Thank you!

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