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Social media responses about a new and UNIQUE service.


In the U.S. there are 1 million people hunting for a clinical trial that they can join as a paid healthy volunteer or as a patient with a condition. is a platform that delivers this service.  No other platform offers to notify people about all trials that match their specific health profile.

We are seeking 4 people to spend a few hours every day replying to these people on social media  (Facebook, twitter, YouTube, Reddit, Blogs, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.).

We will pay $1.00 a post that 1) is clearly relevant to what they are talking about or asked for. 2) you send us the URL so that we can verify. (Note, if you post on a site that requires a username and password, you will have to send that along with the url for us to see and verify.)

You will post this or something close to this:  You can be notified at of all clinical trials that are recruiting and paying for healthy volunteers and recruiting for patients with a condition.

Be careful not to spam any site or forum or discussion group, this must not be seen as an ad but as a relevant answer to their question or what they are talking about.

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