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Hello, I want to write a devotional that brings prayers for specific areas like physical Healing, emotional healing (depression, anxiety, suicide thoughts, anorexics, etc). Marriage, finances, wisdom. All theses prayers are Biblical based and consists in reading the scriptures related to it. Effective prayer only happens when we pray the Word of G-d. So the idea is bringing the scriptures and the reader will read them making them his/her personal prayer for specific areas. We start by explaining the power of praying according to the Bible, and then we divide the chapter by topics. The book should have blank spaces designated for: writing down his/her personal matter and for answers to prayers (testimony and thanksgiving). Seven scriptures for each type of topic (for example, 7 scriptures related to depression, 7 related to anxiety and etc). It should also bring examples of people in the Bible who faced the related problem and how they got Healed. This is my very first book! I have this idea, but I did not start to write anything yet. So I would like to receive your quote and explanation on how this project works, so I can make a decision, whether hiring someone or writing myself. Thanks for your time.

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