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Our company manufacturers data loggers (instruments used for monitoring and recording parameters such as temperature and humidity). We are currently in the process of developing a new product specifically for vaccine temperature monitoring. These devices communicate via BlueTooth to an app. This is the first time we are releasing a product that communicates via BlueTooth, so we really want to have an app that will impress customers.

To start, I am looking for three main pages as outlined below:

- Some sort of alarm notification (one of the most important features to users)
- Quick link to add devices
- Link to view all devices
- Some sort of menu (we were looking similarly to Facebook’s footer with the links being Menu, Home, Add Device, Settings, but if just an expandable burger or kebab menu fits better, then that is fine)

All Devices Page
- List of currently connected devices with serial number (use X1111, X2222, etc.), current temperature readings for each device (use 39 °C)
- Filtering capability to filter by Active, Stopped, Disconnected, Alarmed
o Some way to easily identify which state the device is in within the list
- Sorting capability to sort A-Z or Z-A

Graph Page
- Large graph (Graphing temperature over time)
- Annotation on the graph identifying when an alarm was triggered
- Ability to change time range shown to 1H, 24H, 7D, 1M, 3M, 6M, 1Y or custom select a specific date range
- Quick View statistics of the data (Minimum, Maximum, Average)
o Please use 20 °C, 42 °C, 37 °C for these values
- Ability to Export data
- Start/Stop Device
- Device Settings
- Forget Device (i.e. Unpairing)
- Some way to get back to All Devices page

Our company logo should be included somewhere within the app.

There are no color parameters, but please be aware that the target market for this app is the pharmaceutical industry.  

If this goes well, there is a potential for more UI/UX design work in the future, both on this app as well as on future projects.

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