Data entry for ~1,410 companies - #1

Looking for a data entry / internet researcher for a simple and pre-defined data entry job. It has very clear instructions and easy-to-find information using LinkedIn and Google search that should not take long. Estimated 8-10 hours of work.

There will be a list of ~1,410 companies. Directions are clearly laid out in the first tab of the provided excel file. In summary, you will need to find each company online via LinkedIn or google search, or using another database of choice.  You will then need to fill in pre-determined fields for LinkedIn URL, Company Website URL, Number of Employees, and Country

Attached is a more detailed description with explicit instructions and 6 example entries. I was able to complete the list of 6 in about two minutes

Final deliverable will be the attached example document, with all 1,410 companies filled out. The goal is to have this completed before the evening of December 12th, U.S. time, but would welcome completion beforehand.

There is potential for future projects similar to this one if done well and in an efficient time frame

Other helpful qualifications:
- Must speak / read English well

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Budget: $3-6 in hour

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