Rhino3D Expert Needed

I have many 3D models that were created by engineering design software.  These models range from simple to complex.  The level of detail also ranges from low to extremely ridiculous.  

I need to use these 3D models to develop applications that don't require a high performance PC to run.  However, in some cases I want to develop applications that will only run on high performance PCs.  

I have found many methods to simplify or reduce the poly count using Rhino7 and RhinoWIP.  I would like to share my knowledge with a Rhino expert (you) to get some feedback on what I'm doing right, what I'm doing wrong, and then have you develop some scripts that will automate some of the tasks that I'm doing manually.  The goal is to be able to open a file and have a nearly fully automated simplification script run based on the type of model it is, the desired level of detail, the desired poly count, or some other parameter that we can discuss.

The file types that will be used is primarily fbx with mesh objects only, no curves, polysurfaces, surfaces, etc.  If there are any, they can be deleted.

The subject matter is industrial engineering and construction of mega projects.

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Budget: $20-25 in hour

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