Native Android and IOS developer/ or two, are required to develop a full application

Hello there

I want to create 2 applications (1 for ios and the other for android)

The whole app idea is to have 3 parties (delivery, service provider, service requester )

the developers will have the UI UX to see the project once the designs are done and the app is only specialized in house cooking.

for example: 1. I will post an order for a meal 2.The service provider will see the order and checks the price and then accepts it 3. when the meal is finished the service provider can order a delivery guy and the delivery will take the meal to the guy who requested the meal

the app will have the usual features like:

Profile screen
order screen
tracking the driver while order
chat system
admin panel
notification system
ratings with comments
registration system for 3 users and upload some docs for the provider and delivery guy only
payment integration
in-app ads banners
2 languages
prize system

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