Inventory system

In fact, I can start by explaining the concept to you and it will help you understand the importance of an inventory system.

First, our packaging is reusable packaging for online orders. So, when the consumer orders on a website, he can choose the reusable packaging option to receive his package. When they receive their order at home, they mail back their received packaging. Then, all the packages come back to my warehouse to check their condition. When their condition is approved for another shipment, I return them to the store so that they can reuse the packaging for their next online order.

This way, I can know where my packages are: at my warehouse, at my customer's location or sent to my customer. For this, all my packaging is identified with a barcode. As an indication, I will have 10,000 packages in circulation and about twenty customers to start with. However, this will increase rapidly so it is to be expected.

Anyway, I don't know if I think of everything, you're the expert, but here are my needs:

-To be able to scan my packages when they arrive at my warehouse to indicate that they are in my inventory.
-To be able to put my packages in a "pending verification" status
-To be able to enter defect codes during the verification process such as: broken zipper, broken pouch, etc.
-If the package is in good condition, I must be able to write in my inventory that it is ready to be sent back to the customer and I will scan it when it is sent so that it is out of my inventory but in the company's inventory.
-On the company's side, they need to have access to a web version of their inventory to be able to scan the package when it will be sent to the customer, thus out of their inventory and in "sent to customer" status.
-Unfortunately, the customer may not send the package back so this part is not controllable by the inventory. However, if they do send the package back to my warehouse, I will scan it as being back in my inventory. That's how the wheel goes on...

Other specifications:
-It is possible that the customer will use their packaging received in the mail to return their order that does not make. So, when the company receives the returned order with the bag (this time the packaging will not go back to the warehouse but to the company), they will be able to use their web inventory system to put the packaging in their inventory
-In my inventory, I need to be able to associate my barcodes with customers.
-When I scan the package as being back in my inventory, as a reward to the customer, I would like to be able to send a promotional code automatically to the customer (email/text) who sent back the package.

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